Facial Video

Facial Video

Tatiana Compann, Founder of Looks By Tatiana – European Skin Care in Wellington, FL explains the steps you will receive during your European Facial Treatment. Click the play button below to view the 2:29 min video.

Steps During Facial Treatment

Each facial treatment is customized to meet your specific skin care needs. Specific Germaine de Cappucinni products are used during your facial treatment based on your skins’ needs. Tatiana will make product recommendations for you at the end of your facial treatment based on how your skin responded during the treatment.

1.  Cleanse the skin

  • cleansing the skin eliminates surface debris and oils
  • prepares the skin for exfoliation

2.  Peel the skin

  • removes dead skin allowing for products to penetrate into the lower layers of the skin
  • increases circulation and lymphatic flow in the face and neck areas

3.  Exfoliate the skin

  • rotating cleansing brushes are used to further remove dead skin cells
  • prepares the skin for steaming

4. Steaming

  • opens the pores of the skin so product can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin
  • prepares the skin for deeper extractions of black/white heads if necessary

5.  Penetrating the vials

  • using high frequency to push the product into the skin deeper

6.  Massage

  • face / neck / decolate massage is given
  • increases circulation and lymph flow in the face and neck
  • relaxing and receiving

7.  Mask

  • closes the pores of the skin so the skin in tighter, smoother and glowing

8.  Recommendations of Home Care Products

  • Tatiana will make specific product recommendations based on your skins’ needs during your facial treatment for you to use at home

Want the Ultimate Facial Treatment Experience?

Foot Treatment

Request the Spa Hand and Foot treatment during your facial treatment. Essential oils are rubbed into your hands as you receive a hand massage, then your hands are dipped in warm aromatic paraffin and wrapped in warming mittens for the duration of your facial treatment. Your feet are massaged with essential oils and focus is placed on reflexology and accupressure points to stimulate detoxification and promote healing, then our feet are wrapped in warming slippers for the duration of your facial treatment.

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